Michelle Mazer

Scheduling Coordinator

Q: What do you love about what you do?
A: Seeing how the business grows, knowing that I had a small part in it. Watching the
businesses be successful. The family that I have become a part of.
Q: An interesting fact about yourself?
A: I was Baptized in the Jordan River on Easter Sunday.
Q: Why are relationships so important to the work you do?
A: “Getting to know the client and building the relationship is extremely important to the
work I do. You have to build the trust of the client in order to be successful as a virtual
assistant. By getting to know your client and the businesses they own/run, you can get a
sense of what they are truly looking for from an outside perspective when you first start,
and then you can go above and beyond their expectations to provide them with some
strategies, guidelines, lessons learned to help improve and grow their business even more. It
shows that you care and that you are not here to just get paid, but truly make a difference. “